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Introducing Fulcrum Home Loans our preferred lender! Getting pre approved should be one of your first steps as you start off on your real estate journey. Whether you are ready to pull credit and be sent a pre approval letter or simply ask about what loan programs are limits you have, give them a shout!

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Fulcrum Home Loans

24/7 Pre Approval Access

Our team is always available to your questions and needs. No matter the time we will be able to assist.

Clear To Close

Our impressive in house underwriting crew is averaging 12 DAYS for Clear to Close!

We Are A Mortgage Broker Only

We are able to shop lender nationwide to find the best possible deal for you! We aren't bogged down with costly regulatory restrictions and servicing that banks and lenders have.

Big Bank/Retail Lender Fees

Big Banks charge 300 - 500bps (3-5%) on the back end of all conventional loans in order to clear the large overhead to still be profitable

Low Low Fees!

We only charge 200bps (2%) on all loans ensuring we are able to beat other lenders keeping more in your pocket!

Lender Strong Relationships

We are offered rates for our production levels that most lenders are not offered with our majors; UWM, HPF, SP.

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